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"Emiko Horimoto Web"

"Emiko Horimoto Web" is an official web site of Mrs. Emiko Horimoto, an artist.
It introduces some of the masterworks drawn by her and also her activities in various fields.
Her paintings in which Mrs. Horimoto has been questing for a true world of mind and soul for nearly three decades using blue and golden colors,
enjoy a worldwide reputation in the 21st century with her everlasting profound representation of "mind and soul world" filled with relaxation and energy.
Please enjoy the site full of information on what's new, exhibition announcement, and presentation of some of her masterpieces, as well.


What's New

We are pleased to announce that Japan Art Club now have the English Website to introduce Emiko HORIMOTO.

Please visit at

Emiko HORIMOTO Art Gallery


Emiko's Exhibition

    Soul Art" presented by Noh-masks and paintings

Parent and child Joint exhibition by Kozen Hanyu(Father) and Emiko Horimoto(Daughter)

Odakyu Department Store, 10th Floor of Main Building "Art Gallery" and "Art Salon"

Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

TEL 03-3342-1111(m)

From January 19(Wed) to 25(Tue), 2011 10am to 8:00pm

(till 4:30pm on 25th )

Message from Odakyu

We are pleased to present a parent and child joint exhibition. Mr. Kozen Hanyu (93) is the oldest carver in active service, specialized in making Noh-masks of Kanze School. Ms. Emiko Horimoto, his daughter is a worldwide artist of paintings presenting "Message of Universal Love". We hope you will enjoy "World of Soul" presented by Noh-masks and paintings. Exhibited are about 20 pieces of Noh-masks and about 30 paintings including a large one of folding screen type.

Message from Artist

I am so hoppy to have an opportunity to exhibit my paintings together with Noh-masks carved by Kozen Hanyu, my father. A Noh-mask to be put on by Site (a hero of Noh Theater ) who lives in the spiritual world is supposed to present the world of soul which has been expressed by Japanese through Noh Theater. I feel Noh-masks have some deep connection with my paintings in which I try to express invisible world of heart or soul. I hope guests will sense, through our exhibition, the beauty of Japanese culture or a kind of profound spirituality. EmikoHorimoto

Brief personal record of Kozen Hanyu

1917 Born in Asakusa, Tokyo as the 3rd son of Mitsunaga Hanyu.
Started carving Noh-masks at the age of 15 and has kept on carving for 78 years.
1983 Had an exhibition at Wako Hall(Tokyo) in commemoration of 50 anniversary of carving
1986 Had a party at Tokyu Main Store(Tokyo) in celebration of publication of "Album of Noh-masks by Kozen Hanyu"
2008 Had an exhibition "Contemporary Artists of Noh and Kyogen" at The Theatre Museum of Waseda Univ.

a member of Contemporary Noh Sculpture Association
a member of Japan Noh Sculpture and Painting Association carves mainly Noh-masks of kanze School

Brief personal record of Emiko Horimoto

1947 Born in Tokyo Graduated from Tokyo Womanfs Christian Univ.
Studied in Art School of Musashino Art Univ.
Held 75 exhibitions in Japan and abroad since 1980:
Main exhibitions abroad: Japan-France Contemporary Art Exhibition, 1982, Paris
Serge Majisse Award Winnersf Exhibition, 1992,New York
Exhibitions in Nante, Paris and Kosovo, 2002 to 2005
Swiss Geneva 19th International Art Fair, 2010, Switzerland
Korea International Art Fair (KIAF), 2010


"Blue is a Far Way Color" poems and pictures, together with Mr. Shuntaro Tanikawa (Reifu Shobou)
"Blue of Mind, The Blue of Prayer" poems and pictures (Seishun Shuppan-sya)

Paintings delivered to

Thessaloniki Museum (Greece), The National Gallery of Kosovo (Kosovo),
the Embassy of Japan in Finland, Saku Municipal Museum of Modern (Nagano Pref..),
Tamashin Historical Museum (Tokyo), National Cancer Center, East Hospital (Chiba Pref.),
Tokyo Womanfs Christian Univ. (Tokyo)., etc.
a member of Japan Artist Association

Translated by Ryusuke NAKAMURA

2010 Geneve Art Fair (Art by Geneve) (Swiss)

Korea International Art Fair (KIAF) (Korea) Sept.8th-13th 2010

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