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International Exhibiton for Peace


The 8th International Exhibition for Peace
International Exhibition for Peace
[Creating Peace to feel Peace]

The base color of Mrs. Horimoto's paintingas is blue, which is called "Blue for prayer". Her pieces of work convey reluxation, hope and message for peace directly to the heart of viewers independent of their race, nationality and religion.

A French gentleman had a chance to look at her paintings, and he wanted to inroduce her work-pieces to his country. This resulted in the Personal Exhibition of Mrs, Horimoto at the Army Headquaters of Nante in November and December, 2002.



Subsequently, First International Exhibition for Peace(IEP)/Emiko Horimoto Exhbition was held in Kosovo during March and April of 2003, while the civil war had not yet ceased. Mrs. Horimoto was first artist from Japan in Kosovo.


After an exhibition tour in Kosovo, IEP came to Hibiya, Tokyo in June, 2003 under the title of "Kosovo/International Exhibition for Peace".

Later, IEP had another tour to Paris, France from Novenber 27 to December 7, 2003 and also to St GILLES CROIX DE VIE, a small town of France from April 9 to May 3, 2004.

This is 8th IEP where we are presenting a part of Mrs. Horimoto's paintings which took tour to Kosovo and France, some of her new works, and also paintings of Kosovian artists, together with the special exhibition of Kosovian children who suffered again from the military attack in March, 2004.


The 8th International Exhibition for Peace

International Exhibition for Peace

A message of cosmic love / Paintings of Emiko Horimoto and Kosovian artists

From Aug. 4 (Wed) to Aug. 8 (Sun), open 10:00 to 18:00 ( Close at 17:00 on Aug 8)

Sponsor : The executive committee of Creating Peace to Feel Peace Exhibition

Place : Harada-no-Mori Gallary of Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art



[ Talk Show ] Talk and recitation of poem "Blue for reluxation and Blue for prayer" by Emiko Horimoto

Time : 13:00 to 14:30 on Aug. 8 (Sun)

Place : Performance Square of Harada-no-Mori Gallary (Ground floor of East Build.)

" Wishing a message from the artist of Cosmic Love Would do something for the hope for real peace on earth.

Eternally never-changing,
One thought of the heart. Once it is changed,
All around changes. Then, the world starts shining.
Future also begins to change.

from "The Blue of Mind The Blue of Prayer"


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