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This year marks the 45th anniversary of paintings depicting “universe love” and “the invisible world.”
 Last year, thanks to you, I was able to publish “A Hymn of Love in the Universe” (illustration and essay) (published by Gallery Shin Station Co., Ltd.). I have received many impressions from people who have read the book.
“I was overwhelmed by the breathtakingly sharpened view of the world,” “I was astonished by the action and was drawn into Horimoto’s world,” etc.
These voices are posted on “Emiko Horimoto’s Rakuten Blog” along with the book’s contents every time, so please take a look. I am thrilled because it is a book I have published in the hope that it will make you feel a little brighter in times like this.

This year, commemorative exhibitions of paintings and essays “Universe Love Hymn” [published by Gallery Station Co., Ltd.] were held at the Shinjuku Odakyu Department Store, Nagoya Sakae Mitsukoshi, and Sapporo Mitsukoshi department store. 

About 35 works, including folding screen paintings, Japanese paper, oil pastel, glass, etc., were exhibited, including the results published in the book and the new series “Mt. Fuji / Prayer.”

 I appreciate it if you could experience the “Paintings of the Soul” and “Books” that radiate the “spiritual energy” of “peace of mind” and “energy for living.”

It would be our great pleasure if we could deliver “peace of mind,” “hope,” and “life energy” to everyone through “Painting of Soul” and “Painting of Ki” this year as well.


CURRENT B-106 From Mt.Fuji to Space (Prayer)
P50 Japanese paper mixed technique 2021

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“Dawn in the universe” by Emiko Horimoto – Tetsuya Miyata, Researcher of the history of ideas in the Japanese modern arts




“Dawn in the universe” by Emiko Horimoto
An excellent work of art usually contains something hidden behind the drawing. When we look at an ancient wall painting, and a statue of Buddha made in the medieval period, we feel different kinds of God in them. We realize loneliness from “Sunflowers” by Vincent van Gogh, the misery of war in “Guernica” by Pablo Piccaso, and the basis of human existence from the sculptural works by Joseph Beuys. Such perception is made unconsciously without taking any special training.

The earth, the atmosphere, and the sun are drawn in the workpiece of “Dawn in the universe” by Emiko Horimoto. Behind them, we can see something hidden which had existed far before Gods of all ages and civilizations or the Creator of all nature made their appearance, and it still exists quite near to us. I guess it is “a prayer.”

It is “a prayer” that can be described neither by religion nor by the philosophy that supports the reason for existing of a human being. The art of “a prayer” dates back to Kagaku Murakami in recent times, to Sesshu in the modern period, and the wall paintings of Kondo in Horyuji-temple in ancient times.

To face Horimoto’s work piece descended from ancient art will give you a chance to confirm “the relationship between the outer world and yourself” (Hideki Nakamura)

Tetsuya Miyata, Researcher on the history of ideas in the Japanese modern arts
(Contemporary Japanese Art 2017)
Translated by Ryusuke NAKAMURA

Hymn of Love From the Universe

Hymn of Love in the Universe [Emiko Horimoto]

Paintings and Essays by Emiko Horimoto

Translated by Yuko Fukatsu


Painter of “Miraculous Gold”

It’s been 45 years since I drew “Love in the Universe.”

A painting of “Spiritual energy” where miracles are occurring, where “peace of mind” and “living energy” springs up

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