Curriculum Vitae

Emiko HORIMOTO, Artist

Born in Tokyo.
Graduated from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University.

Completed Musashino Art Academy.

President, International Exhibition for Peace Japan Office

Member, Japan Artists Association

Member, ZONTA International/District 26/Area 2/ZONTA Club of Tokyo III

1980- Count individual shows in and out of Japan more than 100times. 

MITSUKOSH(Nagoya)(Sapporo),MARUZEN (Tokyo), TAKASHIMAYA (Tokyo),ODAKYU(Shinjuku) TOKYU(tama plaza),TAMASHIN Gallery (Tokyo), Gallery HIBIYA (Tokyo), TOHO Gallery (Tokyo), Gallery SHIRAKAWA (Kyoto), HANKYU (Kobe), RIUBO (Okinawa), The National Gallery of Kosovo (Kosovo), Gallery Artitude (Paris), Far Eastern State University of Humanities (Khabarovsk, Russia)


1982 Contemporary Japan-France Art Exhibition in Paris

1992 Serge Marjisse Award Winners’ Exhibition in New York

 2003 Individual show in Paris

Having International Exhibition for Peace/Kosovo (I.E.P) “The message of Universal Love” at 3 major cities in Kosovo under the auspices of Security Forces as the first Japanese artist.
Made the rounds of Tokyo, Paris, cities in France, Kobe, Tokyo
during three(3)years up to the 12th I.E.P. (Kosovo)


2010 Swiss Geneva 19th International Art Fair(Swiss)
         Korea International Art Fair [KIAF](Korea)

2011 Gongju International Art Festival [GIAF] (Korea)

2012 Art FestialGreat Pacific Ocean Friendship and   Dream (Khabarovsk    Russia) (Awarded the first prize in the categoryVISTA)
2013 Individual show (Khavarovsk Russia
         Gongju International Art Festival [GIAF] (Korea)
2016 INTERNATIONAL ART PROJECT «CREATIVE WORLD – 2016 » Emiko HORIMOTO Exhibition,(Khabarovsk, Russia)

Exploring the color of blue and gold into expressing the world of the universe and humanity nearly 40 years; highly appreciated at any individual/group shows and exhibitions in and out of the country for her profound and elegant works that give people hope, courage, peace and energy for life.


Collection: Thessaloniki Museum (Greek), The National Gallery of Kosovo (Kosovo), Rimlip Art Museum (Korea), Japanese Embassy (Finland), United Nations Office of Geneva (Switzerland), St Gilles Croix de Vie City Hall (France) , Far Eastern State University of HumanitiesRussia, Poland Embassy, SAKU Municipal Museum of Modern Art , TAMASHIN Historical Museum , National Cancer Center Hospital East, Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, etc.


Recent activities: Working on panorama-style (four (4) sides folding screen) works; opened atelier & gallery “Space AO”; launched I.E.P. Japan Office; having lectures or interviews; hosting events; making book design or illustration; holding charity exhibition in and out of the country, etc.


Books & Others: “Blue is a Far Way Color” poems by Shuntaro TANIKAWA/paintings by Emiko HORIMOTO(REIFU Shobo)

“The Blue of Mind, the Blue of Prayer – Journey to the Sacred Dimension, Opening the Door to the Heart – ” poems and paintings by Emiko HORIMOTO(SEISHUN Shuppan-sha)

“Graceful Blue – Message of Universal Love – ” (VTR) (Japanese & English version; with French translation)