− Miraculous golden color −

CURRENT-B-104-宇宙の愛の降臨 -Descent-of-the-Universal-Love-to-the-Earth-175cmx112cmx4枚組 堀本惠美子
CURRENT-B-104-宇宙の愛の降臨 -Descent-of-the-Universal-Love-to-the-Earth-175cmx112cmx4枚組 堀本惠美子



Forty-five years have passed since I started expressing the invisible world of “Heart” and “Spirit” in a picture. Recently my works are often called the paintings of “quantum cosmos” or “wave motion.” I am deeply moved by the fact that people have accepted such a picture world.

In Japan, we had the classical performing arts called “Noh theater,” in which they expressed the invisible world of spirit or soul. In the Noh theater, the spirit world residents wear a “Noh mask” made of wood. Mr. Mitsunaga Hanyu, my grandfather, and Mr. Kozen Hanyu, my father, were  Noh mask sculptors. While they expressed the world of the soul by making masks, they also expressed the world through drawing pictures on traditional Japanese paper.

Using the traditional Japanese paper, Eri Kijima, my daughter began to express something which succeeds in Japanese tradition. I suppose she also wants to extend her activity overseas.

By the way, we are now facing worldwide the calamity of COVID-19. However, when it is settled down, I think a new era will come, and the invisible world will be more important in the new era. I wrote an essay of similar content in the book “Hymn of Love from the Universe (Paintings and essays),” issued the year before last.

I would appreciate it very much if you would read the book. “Miracle of golden color,” a new official home page of Emiko Horimoto, will soon be completed. I hope you can enjoy the world of paintings where, hopefully, you feel your energy spring out.

I look forward to cooperating with you in the coming year.

With best regards, Emiko HORIMOTO

(Translated by Dr. Ryusuke Nakamura)